Terms and Conditions

Please read prior to booking.


  • Customers should remove all personal belongings, money and other significant items from their vehicle prior to any type of detailing.
  • If the customer wishes to have an area such as the center armrest storage, glove compartment or trunk cleaned, we will not be able to clean them if personal belongings are still present. Dorothy’s Organic Mobile Detailing LLC will not accept any liability for any loss or damage to any personal property including the vehicle being serviced, any belongings contained inside of the vehicle or to the location of service. 
  • Due to child safety, we will not remove or replace car seats under any circumstances. We ask that the customer removes the car seat/booster before we arrive. 
  • Assure that your vehicle is being serviced in a lawful and safe area and if you feel otherwise please communicate your concerns with the technician.
  • All vehicles are cleaned at the customers own risk and must be able to withstand normal cleaning processes.
  • Headliners are  gently cleaned, there may be remaining stains due to stains sitting in to long. The glue use for headliners will start to release if cleaned more aggressively.
  •  Our detailing times are an estimate only. Each vehicle is different and may require more or less time to fulfill the detailing type
  • We reserve the right to change each vehicle detail according to its condition.
  • While every effort will be made to keep regular bookings to the same day and time each week, sometimes it may be necessary to make changes but we will endeavor to communicate the changes prior to arrival 
  • We reserve the right to alter or move a booking in line with staffing levels and/or weather conditions and /or machinery or equipment failure.
  • We will contact you the day before the scheduled appointment to confirm, give you an estimated time of arrival and make sure weather is permitting us to work.
  • We will contact you on the day of the appointment if we are running late or ahead of schedule All vehicles are cleaned at the customers own risk 
  • All orders placed require address, package, and vehicle condition verification. Service requests are not guaranteed at time of booking and may be cancelled at anytime at the sole discretion of Dorothy’s Organic Mobile Detailing LLC. Dorothy’s Organic Mobile Detailing LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Dorothy’s Organic Mobile Detailing LLC reserves the right to refuse or deny customer demands above and beyond the booked detailing
  • Dorothy’s Organic Mobile Detailing LLC will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse towards any of its staff under any circumstances and will take the relevant actions should any such behaviors be encountered
  • Prices online do not include any local and/or state taxes that apply to services.